A Vita-Mix Evening of Fun!

I want to share a fun evening I had with 3 of my closest friends in the world.  We have been friends since high school.  Melanie brought her Vita-Mix machine and made the best drink.  She peeled lemons, limes and oranges,  some honey, a little sugar and a splash of vodka.  Put them all in the Vita Mix, top it off with ice cubes and whirl!!  I am talking about  refreshing citrus drink that kept us going the whole evening. Not a seed to be found!  Another “Got To Have” machine!  I can see an endless amount of smoothie options in my future!!

I have to confess, I did purchase the dessert.  If you have a Fresh Market near you, you have to try the Raspberry Almond Cake!!  This is the second time this week I indulged.  Both times to celebrate birthdays.  A moist white cake sandwiched with raspberry preserves and custard. It is covered with an almond paste mixture that is then lightly toasted and surrounded with toasted sliced almonds.  My mission:  A La  Carte Kitchen will develop their own Raspberry Almond Cake attach a beautiful photo.  Look forward to it in the future!  As soon as I can get back into my kitchen and cook!


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  1. Melanie

    Cathy, it was a blast! Congrats on this gorgeous blog. You are quite a talented team. I look forward to reading about and making your recipes!

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