Banana Berry Protein Health Shake

I’ll never forget the first Banana Health Shake I enjoyed many years ago at Ellen’s Stardust Diner in NYC. Since then, I’ve often experimented with making my own breakfast smoothies. For me, coming up with the right combo of ingredients was not just about trying to eat healthier & losing a little weight… it really had to taste great, or I wouldn’t go through all the trouble. I discovered that one of the secret ingredients in Ellen’s shakes was toasted wheat germ. It added a bit of crunch to the shake, which I love, and is also an excellent source of vitamin E & folic acid. For fruit, I use bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. The trick is to freeze the fruit before blending, so that your shakes come out thick & cold. I like to prep about a weeks worth of fresh bananas & strawberries, so that I can make a shake in a matter of minutes. For ease, I use Wymann’s Fresh Frozen Wild Blueberries. I also add flax oil because of its high concentration of Omega-3’s.  For protein, I use an all-natural vanilla whey powder, and to get my veggies, I add a scoop of Macro Greens “Nutrient Rich Super Food Supplement.” When my photographer friend Francis first suggested I try Macro Greens, I was a bit leery about adding a veggie supplement. But after trying it, I was sold.  So blend away, and by all means, experiment with different ingredient combinations of whatever makes you sing !


– For best flavor, allow bananas to ripen thoroughly before freezing.
– Wild blueberries are higher in antioxidants than cultivated blueberries.
– When fruit is out of season, blend in a packet of stevia, or a tablespoon of honey to sweeten the mix.

Here’s the recipe:

Makes 1 ( 18 oz. ) serving

1 cup skim milk
1 heaping scoop of vanilla flavored whey protein powder (about 3 tablespoons)
1 level scoop of Macro Greens (about 1 tablespoon)
2 tablespoons flax seed oil
1 tablespoon Mother’s Toasted Wheat Germ
1 packet stevia all-natural sweetener – Sweet Leaf or other brand (optional)
3 tablespoons frozen wild blueberries
5-6 strawberries, frozen
1  banana, peeled and frozen

-Place first 5 ingredients, plus sweetener (if using) into blender; blend for about 15 seconds.
-Add frozen fruit; blend until thick and smooth.



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10 responses to “Banana Berry Protein Health Shake

  1. Atalaya

    I must ask where you got your glass for your shake from. It’s absolutely beautiful.

    • Well I had to ask my wife on this one, as they’ve been in her family for years. She suspects they’re an heirloom from the 50’s or 60’s. The base & handle are made of pewter, and they each have a varied design. Thanks for asking?

  2. I was just looking for a new smoothie recipe where I could incorporate my “greens” powder!! Thanks you have incredible timing!!

  3. That’s a great idea to prep all the fruit earlier on the week! Sounds like a delicious shake- which I would sub rice or almond milk & hemp protein for a vegan version. Am definitely intrigued by the wheat germ.
    Blog looks great!

  4. marilyn

    i am going out now to buy the ingredients for the smoothie. like the idea of the flax oil i make them but not with greens and flax oil looking forward to trying this. keep up the good work love this site

  5. Melanie

    Wow, this sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to try it.
    This blog looks great!

  6. Roseann

    Thanks Joe, this sounds like a good healthy breakfast choice for me!!

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