Brownies are Brown, Violets are Blue

Every spring, I look forward to the two-week window I have to enjoy the bounty of violets that appear in my yard. One of the advantages of not applying pesticides to my lawn is that I have lots of edible, colorful wildflowers. Violets, with their sweet heart-shaped leaves and delicate lavender petals, add a welcome splash of color to green salads and are perfect for garnishing appetizers and desserts. Simply pick the blossoms and cover them with a damp paper towel until ready to use. Violets are gorgeous when paired with chocolate—here they are with my favorite brownie recipe, Baker’s One Bowl Brownies, a no-fail recipe I make way too often for my waistline!



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5 responses to “Brownies are Brown, Violets are Blue

  1. I see you love violets as much as I do. Come and visit my blog and see what I did with them.

  2. Kozmo

    I love these brownies! And if you cut these brownies into small bite sized pieces, you will fool your waistline!

  3. marilyn

    love brownies will bake them who knew about violets and edible flowers thanks for the info will try soon

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