Milk & Cookies = Cookies & Milk

Hey fellow foodies, wanna play a fun food game? Try A LA CARTE’s Classic Food Pairings Test! Here’s how it works.

Step. 1: Think of a classic food pairing and say it aloud. (i.e., “Spaghetti & Meatballs“) Does it sound delicious? Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Transpose the food pairing and say that aloud.  (i.e., “Meatballs & Spaghetti“) Does it still sound delicious, or is it a bit awkward? If it’s still delicious, add it to your list of winners. If it’s awkward, try another combination.

You’ll soon find that this is a rigorous test and that very few food pairings make the list of winners.

When I played this game, Milk & Cookies was my first clear winner. It immediately reminded me of a shot our A LA CARTE team took of chocolate chip cookies and milk. This shot may look familiar to you since it’s the icon we use

in our Comments section. I love the shot because the cookies look warm and melty from the oven, plus the tall glass of milk looks cool and inviting—perfect for dunking. Cathy added toasted chopped pecans and extra chips to the cookie dough just before baking, and the way they catch the late-afternoon sunlight brings back happy memories of years of after-school snacking.

Other pairs on my list of winners? Red Wine & Chocolate. Bacon & Eggs.  Tea & Toast. Tomato & Basil. I could play this game all day…

Please send us your own winning food pairs, and we’ll comprise a master list to feature in an upcoming post. Happy pairing!



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13 responses to “Milk & Cookies = Cookies & Milk

  1. All I can do now is try to think of pairings that don’t work.

    Any examples of something that sounds delicious in one direction but not the opposite? Everything sounds good to me but maybe that’s just because I love food so much!

  2. Wow these look incredible! I love all the extra goodies in them! 🙂

  3. Joe

    OK, this may be one of the strangest pairings, but keep an open mind. When I was a kid I didn’t like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so my Italian parents often packed my school lunch with a ricotta & jelly sandwich. Welch’s grape jelly, of course. The combination is awesome. To this day I still enjoy them. Ok, go ahead and make fun. The kids at school did too… at least until they tried it.

  4. soup and salad, salad and soup,
    coffee and donuts, donuts and coffee,
    lemon and lime, lime and lemon,
    milk chocolate, chocolate milk,
    cheese and crackers, crackers and cheese

  5. Kate

    peppers & onions, onions & peppers
    beer and pretzels, pretzels and beer,
    chips and salsa, salsa and chips

    Thanks for the delicious diversion, Heather!

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