Cupcakes—those cute little cakes

Have you noticed? Cupcakes are all the rage.  So many flavors, so many frostings, so many toppings, and so many sizes!  Cupcakes have become a whimsical replacement for traditional desserts. I remember when they were just a simple treat to send to school for kids’ birthdays—now they pop up all over, even at wedding receptions!

For those in the Connecticut area, I have started a cupcake venture, Cupcakes for a Cause.  Part of the proceeds are donated to a local animal shelter.  Visit my website and see my limited holiday flavors!!

Showcased in the above photo is one of my offerings – Cup o’ Joe (developed in honor of my A LA CARTE partner, Joe, who makes the best coffee in town!)  It is a rich Espresso Cupcake topped with Mocha Buttercream, then sprinkled with chopped candied coffee beans & ground cinnamon.



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8 responses to “Cupcakes—those cute little cakes

  1. Cathy’s cupcakes aren’t just beautiful, they’re out-of-this-world amazing! Unfortunately, I can eat dozens of them at one sitting!

  2. kristi

    Just went to a wedding with a cupcake wedding cake- very popular with the guests!

  3. Alexis

    Having tasted Cathy’s cupcakes first hand, I can vouch for their deliciousness!!!!

  4. poeticchronicles

    Wonderful cupcake!!

  5. MOM


  6. Janet

    I’ve had the joy of tasting your cupcakes- delicious and VERY popular with high schoolers, too!

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