As food photography professionals, the three of us started the A LA CARTE KITCHEN blog to share our passion for cooking and eating. We hope you’ll enjoy our recipes and our many beautiful food images.

Cathy, Joe & Heather

To learn more about us and see more of our work, visit our individual websites:

Joe Longo (Photographer) joelongo.com

Catherine Paukner (Food Stylist) catherinepaukner.com

Heather Bean (Set Stylist/Food Writer) heatherlbean.com

15 responses to “About

  1. Fabulous pictures! Thanks so much for this blog!

  2. Joshi

    great recipe. Cannot wait to try it.

  3. A link from a friends facebook (Kelly Jabour, whose brother owns The Whole Loaf) lead me to your website and I instantly fell in love. Your photography is amazing and the recipes look easy yet delectable. I am so glad I stumbled upon your website!!

  4. Are you guys on twitter? I would love to keep up with your updates and share your interesting recipes and pictures

  5. Kathy

    great site and recipes! well-done.

  6. L. Temple

    Such beautiful images. I’ll be sure to let others know about your site/blog.
    Best wishes to you all!

  7. Jeannine Boffa

    Congrats to you all! This is a great site that I will share with everyone I know!

    All the Best,

  8. Kate Lucas

    Joe – This is fantastic, I will totally pass it on to everyone.


  9. Debra Oshrin

    Hi Joe,
    Wonderful site! I would love to be on your email list. Many blessings on this new site. I will definitely pass it along to my friends.
    Have a great Monday, Warmest thoughts,

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