Hello Foodies!

Welcome to our first official post! We’re just getting cookin’, and we’re figuring out how to navigate this site! On Wednesday, Cathy’s going to post her Mesculin Salad with White Balsamic Vinaigrette, even though she’s redoing her kitchen right now and doesn’t exactly have one to work in. It’s okay, she’s coming to my kitchen, and Joe and I will be the official tasters!



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3 responses to “Hello Foodies!

  1. Shawn T

    Heather, enjoyed scrolling through! That crock pot oatmeal will save me an hour of flipping pancakes after the next sleep-over. Thanks for thinking of me. I look forward to following this blog!

  2. marilyn

    The use of a crockpot sounds great especially for people who work all day and do not have an in house chef. I’m looking forward to additional receips for the crockpot. I am considering buying one in the near future. Hope this is helpful to your blog.

  3. Susan

    Good luck with the blog…it looks great!!

    Let’s see pics of Cathy’s new kitchen when finally finished

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